CAN stands for Controller Area Network...  As more comfort, safety, and emission controls were added to our vehicles it became necessary to simplify and reduce the amount of wiring in the car.  This is called Multiplexing.  Multiplexing allowed for simplification of the wiring on a vehicle by incorporating computers or "Electronic Modules" to monitor and command different sections and/or features of the vehicle.  Vehicles today can have as many as 50 on-board computers or "Electronic Modules." Tip: The computer is "hardly" ever wrong.  Usually when a vehicle has an electronic drivability concern it is not the computer's fault.  If the computer is fed "wrong information" by any of its sensors, then it "accurately" responds with erroneous commands.  It takes a well trained Automotive Electronic Technician  to understand, diagnose, and repair electronic concerns on today's vehicles.
With time, our vehicles have the “tendency” to acquire noises (rattles, clanks, rumbles, etc.). The heating, cooling, expansion and contraction of parts, weight, motion, and again, time, are all contributing factors. When it comes to describing these annoying noises to our automotive technician, the expression “My car sounds funny” is not very helpful. Add to this the fact that your vehicle might be experiencing more than one kind of “noise”. There is no doubt that “time is money”, and “My car sounds funny” could very well translate into more diagnosis time.  

It was the year 2000 “The Millenium”, and after working for Saturn of San Diego CA for several years I finally purchased my first brand new Saturn Coupe with all the extras! Wow! Now I could have one of those cool personalized license plates, I thought at the time. My co-worker technicians and I decided to come up with some ideas that would match my style, my “female technician” position and of course, my new “flashy” Saturn.

TecNBrd for “Tech on Board” and SheTech for “She Technician” were the finalists. “SheTec”, once displayed on my license plate, became such a trademark of me and what I did for a living that it wasn’t long before customers and other technicians were referring to me as the “SheTech.”

Not long after, was born in the back of my mind. Thanks to my dearest friend, Laurie Collins, a Microsoft Certified Engineer and also the co-owner of Ctrl8 ( which is also my web-hosting company, “yes lucky me!”, began to take form and is today a firm reality under the new domain

In between the typical demands of one’s personal and professional lives, was an ambitious project; so we took it one day at a time! Almost a year and a half later, we are proud to present A site where you can contract my public speaking and/or translation services, or just find automotive information, interesting articles and links, ask me questions regarding your vehicle, etc. Also, my MiraCosta College automotive students can log in with their own passwords and access their class information. The sky is the limit from here….

I want to especially thank my friends Laurie Collins and Candice Mathes for all their help, advice, and expertise during the construction of this website. I couldn’t have done it without you guys and I am eternally thankful.

I want to dedicate this effort to the memory of my mom, Ms. Luz Diaz (1946-2003), for her unconditional love, for giving me self-worth, and for teaching me the importance of education and hard work. Last but not least, I want to dedicate this website to my sweet baby Mary, for keeping me smiling and always being my inspiration. This one is for you Mis Amores.